Operational Risk Training

18 - 19 October 2012, Vienna, Austria

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Operational risk drivers today

Class Discussion: participants will share knowledge and experience over the recent challenges they face in the development of operational risk management in their organisations. Examples of losses, events and trends will be given to allow benchmarking.

Class exercise: The value of risk management

Exercise: building on the first session, participants will be asked to develop a set of arguments and facts to demonstrate the value of risk management.

Acting on Corporate Culture

Case studies: Participants will review examples of various corporate culture and their translation in subsequent losses and successes. They will be asked to reflect on their own corporate culture and the possible challenges.

From core to periphery: start with knowing your losses

Class discussion and Case study: participants will review real cases operational loss data analysis and reporting sheets to fuel discussions about their own challenges and issues.

Risk Management Framework

Exercise: Participants will review examples of the best Operational risk frameworks. They will position themselves with regards to market practices, and define steps to move their way up.

Stretch your risks: scenario planning and stress testing

Exercise: Participants will be given a few topical scenarios and asked to list the elements to consider and plan accordingly for their organisation.

Pilot your risks: predictive KRIs

Exercise: participants will work in groups to identify, rank and select possible predictive KRI for a given activity of their business, using a structured, demonstrated methodology. They will then share their
results with the rest of the class.

Choose your risks: Appetite Statements

Video and Case study: Losses at JP Morgan: when risk appetite goes wild. Participants will be given details on the JPM hedging losses of April 2012 and its roots in chosen aggressive risk taking.

Operational Risk Governance

Class discussion: Participants will share their practices and projects in governing and updating their risk management practices. The wrapup session will summarise the key learning points of the seminar.

Know your risks: effective RCSAs

Practical workshop: Participants will work in groups to draft their own probability / impact matrix for their activity. Each group will then present its results to the rest of the class.