General Insurance Forum 2012

09 - 10 October 2012, Rome, Italy
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Insurance Forum 2012General insurance market outlook and future trends
Improve customer experience and install loyalty
Form effective technology strategy

Get management strategies to achieve excellence
Inform your customer effectively
Follow social media as a marketing tool

Leading general insurance companies are becoming increasingly aware that real growth in the future will come from innovaton and driving customer loyalty by providing exceptional products and services.

insurance-forum-romeThis comprehensive and practical event will provide you with a deep knowledge of general insurance market outlook, covering all aspects from innovation initiatives, customer experience, managing claims, risk and distribution.

Join us in Rome to learn from the best practices, to network with your peers and to keep up with the current trends!

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What you will learn

  • general insurance market outlook and future trends
  • how to drive innovation
  • creating effective technology strategy
  • improve customer experience and install loyalty
  • communicate effectively with your customer
  • understand social media as a marketing tool
  • claims management strategies to achieve excellence

Topic introductions

Innovation on GI: a comprehensive approach through the Motor Manufacturers partnership experience

Jacques-VandeputteHow could we innovate and what does it means when we talk about motor insurance? Innovation does not lie only on the product (and when there are market standards, there could be opportunities but also huge risks of getting out of those), but also on everything that goes around it, distribution method, brand, service... Read more

Do we really know „where we are“ when we make strategic and innovative decissions?

Baltzer-ChristianThe presentation will touch on what is important for decision makers to understand prior to initiating large innovative projects, with a main focus on the profitability side. Why is it not an easy task to understanding the financial situation of a product or the insurance cycle placement; and why is it so important! Read more

Developing a new customer experience

ronan-hanrahanIn many ways the customer experience of Lifestyle Protection products (payment protection, income protection, etc.) has not received the same level of attention that other types of insurance product (home, motor) leading to some negative impressions of these products. Read more



(Download the agenda for the detailed program)
  • market outlook for general insurance sector
  • regulatory climate & development updates
  • gaining a competitive advantage through innovation
  • creating a culture of innovation
  • using technology to meet the customer's demands
  • role of social media in general insurance
  • linking VOC to internal framework
  • general insurance distribution strategies
  • understanding and managing risk
  • effective claim management to build customer-centricity and innovation
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